Host An Event

Food and Fund Drives are a fun and easy way to support God’s Outreach Madison County Food Bank!

By hosting a food & fund drive at your company, neighborhood, school or place of worship, you help us to continue to make sure no one in Madison County goes to bed hungry.

Here are some guidelines to follow that can make it easier to plan your food & fund drive for God’s Outreach Madison County Food Bank!

The following steps and ideas will help guide you and trigger your imagination for other creative ideas to raise food and money.

If at any time you need help or have questions, please contact us.

To Get Started

  1. Select a captain or leadership committee to plan your strategy including the start date, length of your drive and a theme.
  2. Complete the online food drive set-up form.
  3. Set a goal.
  4. Decide how many pounds you want to collect or how many meals you would like to provide.
  5. If your group or company has a competitive spirit, you may want to provide an incentive or reward for the most pounds on a per capita basis.
  6. An award structure can be a helpful guide before you set your goal!

Get Management Involved

  1. Encourage executives to show their support by sending email, voice mail or letters.
  2. Have your company match employee donations. (For example, your company might give $1 for each pound or monetary increment donated.)
  1. Challenge an executive to perform an outrageous activity if your goal is met.
  2. Approach management about becoming a Food Drive Sponsor.

Make It Fun and Simple To Participate

  1. Distribute flyers and/or grocery bags in your neighborhood, office or place of worship noting a date for “pickup”.
  2. Hold an event (a dance, sporting event, card party, or concert) and charge a can of food for admission.
  3. Encourage folks to bring their lunch and donate the money they would have spent on lunch to the drive.
  4. Sell “jeans day” or “casual dress day” passes to your employees in exchange for donations.

Encourage Monetary Donations

  1. Every dollar given to God’s Outreach Food Bank, can buy $14 worth of food!
  2. Monetary donations are tax-deductible and can be made in three ways:
  3. Checks made payable to “Gods Outreach” noting your organization’s food drive in the memo section.
  4. Cash donations (accompanied by the donor’s name & amount donated if an acknowledgement for tax purposes is needed).
  5. Online donations at and noting company’s name under “credit this food drive”.
  6. Don’t forget Matching Gifts, if your company offers them, and double your gift. 

Promote Your Drive

  1. Flyers can be downloaded from our website.
  2. The more you get the word out, the greater the success of your drive.
  3. Organize a kick-off event to build enthusiasm.
  4. Structure the event around your Food and Fund Drive theme.
  5. We encourage you to create your own posters with our logos which are available upon request.
  6. Please forward draft of your posters prior to printing/posting
  7. Hand out shopping lists of most needed foods. Call us for list of items needed
  8. Display weekly or daily totals in high-traffic areas or announce totals using email to keep people up to date and involved.
  9. Post to your company’s social media pages how to get your donations to the Food Bank.

After the Drive

  1. We encourage you to deliver your donations to the Food Bank, whenever possible, to help us conserve our transportation resources.
  2. In the event a pickup is needed, please call 623-2220 and we will make arrangements to pick up your donations of multiple boxes and/or donations of over 250 pounds.
  3. Donations should be delivered to Gods Outreach 1512 East Main St Richmond Ky using the rear first bay door entrance.
  4. If you are delivering funds as well, please let the staff/volunteer know and we will provide a receipt.
  5. Once food and funds are received, you will receive a Donation Receipt .
  6. We appreciate you taking the time to complete the Donation Receipt so we can acknowledge your generosity as well as maintain a record of our donors.
  7. Your information is confidential and will not be shared.

Celebrate Your Success

  1. Host a recognition party rewarding the competition winners with humorous prizes, special coffee break, etc.
  2. Take pictures and include in company newsletter or post on company website.
  3. Email us a short description of your event, so we can post it on our Facebook page and website.
  4. Be sure to recognize all participants–each pound of food provides one meal for one person so every participant makes a difference!