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Hands on Action!

Do you like hands-on activities? Opportunities to work alongside others? Chances to directly engage with people in need? Then Gods Outreach is the place for you! It takes over 100 volunteers to keep our programs running! Individual and group contributions of time can bring hunger relief to hundreds, even thousands, of your neighbors in need. We would not be able to feed the hungry without the help of our eager and willing volunteers. Gods Outreach is always in need of an extra pair of hands and welcomes your contribution of time. Volunteers are the backbone of our organization, and we would not be able to feed the hungry without YOUR help! Sign up to volunteer using the form to the right!

Volunteer Registration

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Emergency Contact Information

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Volunteer Commitment

We understand volunteers require flexibility as to how often they are able to volunteer.  However we do ask for a minimum commitment of two shifts per month.

How long do you expect to volunteer?
 Long Term (a year or more) Short Term (a few months)
How often would you like to volunteer?
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Volunteer Hours Are 9 am - noon, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. What days would you like to volunteer?
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Volunteer Preferences

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Any Activities you would like to avoid? Are you available for "Physical Labor" (lifting,
moving boxes, tables, chairs, etc.)
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Volunteer Agreement

For all volunteer positions, please read the following and sign in person prior to volunteer position starting.
If the volunteer is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or guardian is required.

Gods Outreach is not responsible for personal injuries or property damage suffered or caused by a volunteer in connection with his or her volunteer activities. As a condition to serving as a volunteer, each volunteer is expected to maintain his or her own insurance covering these and other risks. 

It is understood that as a volunteer of Gods Outreach you will protect the privacy of all those we serve by maintaining strict confidentiality when discussing meal recipients and the nature of their health conditions. Under no circumstances should a volunteer from Gods Outreach divulge recipient information to anyone outside
the organization. 

I hereby authorize Gods Outreach, its affiliates or those acting with its permission, to use, reproduce and distribute my name, voice, likeness, photograph and/or any other representation of me in connection with printed materials or other media it distributes, displays, transmits or exhibits.